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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 11, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america, reporting from washington. the gut wrenching scene inside a hospital in syria, the wounded are many, but the doctors are far too few. >> in the situation inside here is one of unbelievable chaos. we have been here for a brief time and every few minutes, a new patients are brought in as doctors worked under fire to try to keep them alive. >> transferred to a military hospital in pakistan, the teenager targeted has received an outpouring of support from around the world. after their boss's check-up america's election, the vice- presidential candidates prepare to debate had the pressure is
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intense. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. the reports tonight of a large explosion in the syrian capital of damascus, a reminder that the war is intensifying. it is the northern city of aleppo that has seen some of the fiercest fighting. we have seen the terrible suffering at one of the hospitals in the city where doctors struggle to treat wounded patients. his report contains graphic images. >> this is serious descent into hell. a ruthless air campaign.
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and the carnage in it wreaks. a war between the state and an armed rebellion where even those that treat the victims are targeted. this hospital has been shelled 12 times. there are few facilities left now to treat the living. and so the bodies pile up outside. waiting to be collected. inside, the surgeon treaty 2- year-old. the scalp was torn open when a rocket landed on his house. in the next bed, the doctors struggled to try to keep them alive. these are now the only two beds left for the surgeons can operate. and with the threat of attack, the entire hospital has moved.
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every few minutes, more casualties, men. a grim procession of patients from different parts of the city. victims of a remorseless campaign of air strikes and artillery. the shows just landed in a neighborhood nearby. people were on the street when it hit. there are half a dozen casualties, including -- he has shrapnel wounds over his body. the trail of blood leads to the operating room. the 7-year-old condition is serious. as they work on him, more victims, and civilians are continuously brought in. among the bedlam, they have
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died. they passed without him even knowing what has happened to a sudden. there is no time for sentiment here. but that must make way for those still fighting for life. gosh we lose everything. it will lose our country and our freedom. >> a fighter lies in the bed where the mood just died, the struggle to save another life begins. >> this is an appalling situation. the doctors have tried to revive this young man and failed. he has been pronounced dead and the situation is one of unbelievable chaos. we have been here for a very brief time and new patients are brought in as doctors worked under fire to try to keep alive. >> he is surrounded by the
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vengeful. >> he is a child killer. what did this child do? is he a terrorist? was he armed? what was he? >> and the people here are caught in no-man's land between the rebels and the army. they're the ones that pay the heaviest price. and they live in fear day and night of the terror that comes from the sky. dodge the little boy one of 37,000 people that have been killed in the course of this conflict. as the death toll mounts, so does the regional tension. the turkish prime minister said that a syrian plane forced to land yesterday was carrying russian-made defense equipment. russia and syria denied there was any illegal cargo on board.
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in southern turkey, we get the latest. >> turkey allowed the jets to take off in the middle of the night and finished the journey. we had to wait all day to figure out just what it had discovered and confiscated on that plane. the prime minister says that they found in equipment and munitions made in russia and destined for damascus and syria's defense ministry. earlier in the day, they said that was not the case. the equipment on board was legal civilian communications equipment and should be returned immediately. what happened really proves one important point. turkey is now heavily involved in the conflict with syria. at home this country houses syrian refugees, rebels, and has intercepted a syrian jet and divide its own artillery across the border in this area.
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it has also got a diplomatic and political fight with russia. for the last year, they have been on opposite sides of the syrian conflict and they found that way of working to gather. -- together. >> the latest from southern turkey, a list of the other day's news. the iranian militant group has claimed responsibility for an unmanned drone that israel shot down last week. the leader says it was an iranian made drone. the security chief has been shot dead on his way to the u.s. embassy. eight gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire near his house. he had been involved in the investigation of the embassy attack last month. in pakistan, there has been more rally in support of a teenage girl activist that was shot and
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wounded on tuesday. today, she was airlifted to a specialist hospital. doctors say her condition has improved, but she is not yet out of danger. they were incensed by her outspoken campaign that girls should be educated. striking a chord in afghanistan where women have seen their prospects change dramatically in recent years. more than 3 million girls now get some education, that is a big rise from when they weren't allowed to go to school at all. many fear that trend could reverse itself after withdrawal of foreign troops. >> an old seen in a changing afghanistan. it is the time of the potato harvest. the children are working in the field that they have done -- as they have done for centuries.
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families depend on their labour. while the 10-year-old helps out with the farming, she also goes to school. making the long walk every day. >> i am in the second class. we did not have school before. i am really happy i am going to school. >> today is a lesson in the local language. in one fifth of afghan women can read or write, but that is a big improvement from a decade ago. the schools in remote areas are helping. there is a big turnout for the launch of this government school. 3 million afghan girls are getting some education. it still leaves 2 million that have never been the class. but attitudes are changing.
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>> hi bring the women of afghanistan up to the level, the owner of the future. and they are the owner of all that is happening. >> it is a new era for these girls. now learning to play cricket. they have had to stay at home if the taliban were still in power. curious about me and keen to talk, but outside, they face many restrictions and uncertainty about their future after nato forces pull out. this is one example of the progress has been getting a high school in the past 10 years, but in the rural and less secure areas, there are millions that are not getting any kind of education and are under pressure
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to get married while still a school age. it is tough being a girl in afghanistan, but they are making a much bigger market. >> for more on the efforts of girls around the globe to get an education, i am joined by the ceo of women for women international. we have had two different sides of the same story, the girl's struggle for education and want to start by asking you about her. you have family in pakistan. how common is it for girls to be targeted when they try to get an education? >> is not common for girls to be targeted when they tried to get an education. pakistan has made tremendous progress in educating girls and a number of universities, and number of very strong and professional women. that is why you see the outrage.
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i think that also it is barbaric and cowardly. for me to challenge a child, their right to education, a girl's right to education, it is a fundamental violation. >> you think this is isolated to that region where they still have an influence? >> i think we have seen an erosion of rights over the past few years, and we have seen women and girls being targeted more and more by extremist elements. it shows fundamentally that there is a real power struggle going on, but part of the power struggle is being fought on the lines of gender and gender-based violence. >> when you see what is happening nbc our report, he recently returned from afghanistan. how optimistic are you that the improvements that have been made
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in the last three years in terms of getting girls in the school and allowing them to stay there will be upheld once nato forces leave? >> i think there is a commitment amongst community to keeping children in school and seeing girls in school. we saw a tremendous increase in the number of girls in school in afghanistan once they were pushed out of power. you still have 3 million girls out of school, 35 million worldwide. there is a gap that needs to be addressed. i think that fundamentally, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that girls getting educations, we know that the impact is phenomenal. if the girl has seven years of primary school, she is more likely to -- >> how does that suggest that the taliban will listen if they
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can take control? >> my sense is the most important way to create an environment of changes around creating community support for education. leadershipen's program where we have worked with 400 people to inform them about the importance of women having access to numerous seats, literacy, and forming part of the community in terms of investing in jobs and learning. >> keep up the good work in afghanistan. you're watching bbc world news america. the chinese also picked up the nobel prize, we will tell you what is between the pages that one such high praise. the human rights group amnesty international says millions of
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people in china are affected by forced evictions from their land. the debt ridden local authorities are increasingly seizing and selling off land. martin has more on this story from beijing. >> we are in a neighborhood of beijing slated for demolition. this used to be somebody's,, horrible strewn across the place. if you look to my right, you can see just beyond another empty home. what is surprising is that many people have chosen to stay. i have seen an old man in the garden tending his vegetables and another old woman putting out her washing. this whole area is being demolished to make way for construction project. you get some idea at the future if you look at the horizon there. there has been a series of
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forced evictions. we would have gone there but we were warned by locals that it is too dangerous for us. here is what they had to say about a very violent incident which took place two months ago. >> they used sticks and they hit people so hard. i entered by back and they saved me. they forced us out so that we can sell our homes. >> according to the amnesty international report, the number of violent evictions are rising and land disputes are one of the main source of anger, particularly in the countryside. how they choose to deal with this will be one of the biggest challenges confronting it.
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there are few supporting roles with more power than the vice- president of the united states. the two men vying for that job will debate each other in kentucky. the stakes are high because the debate last week changed the race. mark is that the debate site in kentucky. gosh a clash of very different man offering very different futures. joe biden emphasizing how the government and helped her, paul ryan with a stern vision of the american austerity. the man with a plan for drastic cuts in spending. some see how joe biden as dangerously loose lips, but his tough style height of the president under pressure. president obama admits that his performance was lamentable. >> governor romney had a good night and i had a bad night.
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it is not the first time i have had a bad night. >> obama with his failure to hit back by politeness and seemed overwhelmed by his strong performance. it is a tight race. >> a lot of pressure to do better than barack obama. >> some are demoralized and even panicking. they say the mood has changed. >> people realize this is not in the bag and before the day, they were saying he was such a small tumbler and bumbler that there was no way he can win. people see him as a credible candidate in this is going to be a close election. >> that is reflected in the polls. he makes a stunning turnaround. the average puts him ahead for the first time in this contest. >> president obama has to figure out how to regain it and do something different.
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>> i want to stop the subsidy to pbs. dodge and they tried the fight back with the promise to cut public tv. >> one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> a rather desperate move. hong >> taking off and our enemies no matter where they nest. caution the atmosphere is pretty steamy at the moment. >> i am joined by kingston. even the presidential debate doesn't matter that much historic plea. as the vice-presidential debate matter tonight? >> i think it does. it can joe biden stem the bleeding and undo the damage
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clearly done the barack obama last week? i think he needs to win the debate to change the narrative at this point. also, who is paul ryan? we have been watching clips on american cable to the when james scott hail, ross perot's running mate and turned the camera and said, who am i, why here? we ask that about paul ryan because we know who he is. the democrat bashing hook young got a republican, but he doesn't know where he is in terms of his relationship to governor romney. he will come under pressure to define that tonight. >> we have seen the polls move in as governor romney's favor. you have been at the swing states, what is your impression? >> i have been in florida and ohio. certainly everybody i spoke to was convinced that governor
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romney won and even obama supporters and are wondering if they're going to vote for him or move over. what is very clear is it really is going to be the economy that decides it. in the economy of monthly and quarterly data releases, this is the economy of day-to-day lives. the struggle to find jobs and pay bills. it was striking and that several people referring to both candidates said, i wish they could step into my shoes for a day to see it as i see it. there is a perception that they have not empathize. hashemi polls suggest that some voters say they are starting to see an uptick in the economy. >> there is a concern about the day-to-day lives and the future. we cut something.
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that is what washington has done and they're very worried about china. >> nobel prize for literature has been awarded to the chinese writer. making the announcement, the swedish academy praised his for realism. many in the west may not be familiar with his work, but we have more on the prolific writing that has stretched for decades. >> [inaudible] >> he was at home with his dad when he heard that he won the nobel prize for literature, the first chinese national to do so. he said he felt overjoyed and terrified as the man who made the announcement helped enthusiastic. >> it is quite outstanding, and also a unique insight into a unique world had a unique manner.
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>> he was born into a farming family, and he made that rural existence the subject of many of his books. the best known of which was subsequently made into a film. many of his fellow chinese orphans expressed their support. this writer think his success is just the beginning. >> [indiscernible] >> another chinese water -- the writer awarded a nobel prize, he is currently being held in prison by the chinese authorities for subversion. this time, the official reaction has been very positive.
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not everyone has welcomed the news. an activist is reported as saying that he was tainted by government connections and awarding him the prize was an insult to humanity and literature. others argue that his riding is of the highest order and should be judged on its own merits. >> we think of china as locked away and when we look at chinese writers, we assume that they can say what they mean. he says exactly what he means, just in a very magical way. in >> he now joins them on the prestigious list of nobel laureates. >> in the chinese nobel prizes often controversial and tomorrow they will be awarded the nobel prize. we will bring you more coverage tomorrow. that brings today's show to a close and you can get more on any of our stories on our
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